Computer / Tablets /Phones and TV Loans

prod_mobile_phones_medThe price of computers, tablets, phones, and televisions has come down considerably in recent years, and often they are on sale at heavily discounted prices.  So, often you can buy these items at affordable prices new or used.  If you need to upgrade one of these items or get a new one for you or a child in your family and don’t have the funds, Jordan Estates Ltd can help with a simple short term loan solution of between €200 and €1,000.

Examples of items you might buy with a TV or Computer Loan:

  • prod_lcd_tv_medPersonal Computer
  • Phones
  • Ipad or Laptop Computer
  • Monitor
  • LED or Plasma Television
  • Printers

You’ll be able to buy your new item immediately and repay the loan back over 6 months with affordable weekly payments.


Representative Example:


Duration Total
€ 200 26 Weeks € 240 € 9.60 111.9 %
€ 200 40 Weeks € 240 € 6.00 61.1 %
€ 200 52 Weeks € 240 € 4.62 46.7 %

warning All applications are subject to approval and will be assessed separately by reference to the applicants individual circumstances.