Who are Jordan Estates Limited ?

20160123_031436_2_1366x768Jordan Estates Limited has always been an Irish based and run company, it aims to demonstrate that home credit service can be a fair and intelligent service by sticking to their principles of: Simple, Friendly, Fair and Affordable, finance.

Over the years, since 1941, Jordan Estate Ltd has built up a wealth of knowledge about the credit industry, and, more importantly, about customers expectations from the home credit service.

Jordan Estates Ltd is built on the concept that the customer is always at the heart of the business. We encourages our customers to draw a fine line between borrowing and saving by implementing our products with reasonable weekly payments, and training our agents to spend time with their customers to understand their personal goals and educate them in regards to intelligent borrowing and planning ahead. For that reason, in today’s troubled economy, Jordan Estates Ltd provide customers with a credit service that is simple, friendly, fair, and affordable, and will continue to develop the business to meet the needs of their customers in the future.

We understand the needs of our customers and keeping in touch with them is what we do best – it’s something we’re proud of!

Why should I use Jordan Estates Limited?

We make sure our products are created in a way that’s right for customers.

We know customers don’t always want to borrow €1000’s, which is why we only issue small loans – up to €400 for new customers, which can then increase for repeat customers.

Unlike others we understand that it’s not always possible to pay back a loan in one big lump sum repayment. And we understand that sometimes our customers might need to take a little longer to repay than they originally thought.

We know that the last thing anyone needs when they struggle to repay on time, is unexpected additional charges or fees.

We also know that our customers like to know they can speak to someone if they have any questions, queries, or concerns.

So that’s why with Jordan Estates Ltd;

  • Our loans are repaid weekly – in nice manageable sums agreed with, you, our customers.
  • Our repayment structures are flexible – if you need longer to repay, that’s fine, all we ask is that you talk to us about restructuring the slower repayments.
  • Our people are real – no automated lines, actual real people to talk to
  • There are absolutely no extra fees or charges whatsoever – you know that you will never pay a penny more than what’s been agreed when you take the loan.

We’re responsible

We ask our customers to be too. We check to make sure that customers can afford loan repayments before we sanction loans and we always ask that customers confirm that loan repayments are manageable for them.

This all helps to build a better credit rating which means that customers can get further loans from us but it might also help with getting credit elsewhere for things like mortgages.

We’re open, honest, and completely transparent with charges, customers always know the full cost of their loan upfront.

Our customers have peace of mind, knowing that repayments will only be taken on a date agreed with them and only once a week on the agreed date.

And finally, and very importantly, we’re regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.