Debt Support

Free money advice and support

If you need any support with debt or money worries the following Irish services could help. They offer free and impartial money advice that could help you with your finances.
Company What they offer Contact
Citizens Information Free, impartial guidance and practical solutions for debt and insolvency. T: 0761 07 4000 Mon to Fri 9am to 8pm
MABS Free advice service that helps people to manage and make the most of their money. T: 0761 07 2000 Mon to Fri 9am to 8pm

Managing Your Borrowing

It is important to choose the right type of loan and the right type of provider.
Key questions to ask are:
How much do I need?
When considering how much you want to borrow bear in mind your other costs and your income. Don’t borrow any more than you need. Don’t borrow more than you can afford to repay.
How much do I have to pay back?
This is the total amount you are given plus the total cost of the credit and must be shown on your credit agreement. Just looking at the headline Annual Precentage Rate (APR) is not necessarily a good guid to the total amount you will actually pay back. Look at the cost per €100 borrowed.



  • Never use unlicensed moneylenders! Ask to see your lender’s authorised ID, which should include the licence number.
  • Never hand over social welfare or children’s allowance books to anyone.
Many people face debt problems at some time in their lives.
These are most often caused by a temporary difficulty or a serious long term change in personal corcumstances, leading to a fall in income.

If I get into financial difficulties, I should:
Contact my local Jordan Estates Ltd. office
Contact MABS on Lo-call 1890 283 438

Do’s and Dont’s

  • Shop around
  • Ask if you do not understand anything
  • Contact your lender if you have problems with your repayments and explain the problem – for home credit customers this can easily be done when your agent comes to collect your next repayment.
  • Be totally open about your difficulties and be prepared to discuss the options – your lender may agree to reduce your repayments or allow you to extend the repayment period.
  • Use unlicensed moneylenders
  • Borrow to pay off existing debts
  • Ignore the problem
  • Take on too much – make sure you can afford the loan
  • Sign any documents unless you fully understand what you’re signing.

Jordan Estates Ltd Loans repayment support

If you’re experiencing financial difficulties that are affecting the repayments of your Mandarin Loan, we want to help you.
The first thing to remember is don’t panic. We understand your circumstances may change from time to time, which might make it difficult for you to make your repayments.
As responsible lenders, when you take out a loan with Mandarin Loans we ensure your repayments are affordable, based on your income and outgoings. So if they’ve changed and you’re struggling to pay on time let us know. Our Customer Care Team will be glad you called. They will listen and work with you to give you the right support to get you back on track.
We also appreciate that the last thing you need when struggling to pay on time is additional charges or fees. So you’ll never be charged if you miss or make a late repayment.

Please get in touch – we’re here to help

Our friendly Irish based Customer Care Team is on hand if you have any questions, queries or concerns.– simply call 041 – 9837585 (Drogheda Office) or 061 – 315066 (Limerick Office).